Exercising to improve psycho-physical health among middle aged and older populations

The programme titled “Exercising to improve psycho-physical health among middle-aged and older populations” is implemented in cooperation with the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Office, Mile Batinić, M.D., with support from the City of Rijeka.

The main programme goal is to slow down the natural ageing process, maintain, as long as possible, flexibility and joint mobility.

Contact: Mile Batinić, M.D., tel. 264-935; mob. 091/251-0419; e-mail: info@fizijatar-mile-batinic.hr


Let’s practice “Yoga in everyday life“ for a healthy city

Association “Yoga in everyday life“ in co-operation with the City of Rijeka, within the “Rijeka – Healthy City” project for many consecutive years has been organising free courses for people aged over fifty (50 +).

Contact: tel. 091 9111370; e-mail: rijeka@yogaindailylife.org


Sports facilities for pensioners’ recreation needs

The City of Rijeka enables members of the Pensioners’ Association to use Kantrida swimming pools free of charge for seniors’ recreational programmes.

Contact: Pensioners’ Association of the City of Rjeka, tel: 051/212-109, e-mail: udruga_umirovljenika@ri.t-com.hr


With exercising and a healthy diet against diabetes and bone deficiency diseases

Osteoporosis and diabetes are common diseases of today’s population. Therefore, movement, exercises and physical activity play an important role in preventing their occurrence. To that goal, the Faculty of Medicine, Rijeka, with support from the City of Rijeka, organises professionally guided exercises for women over 50 years who suffer from osteoporosis, osteopenia or diabetes in respective local boards.

Contact: Institute of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, Rijeka, tel. 051/651-209; e-mail: dragica.bobinac@medri.uniri.hr