Local board council elections

The members of local board councils shall be elected for a four-year term of office. Local board council elections take place every four years. The number of the members of local board councils in the territory of the city of Rijeka is determined in accordance with the number of inhabitants living in the territory of the local board in the manner that the council:

  • of the local board with up to 7,500 inhabitants shall have five members,
  • of the local board having between 7,501 and up to 11,000 inhabitants shall have seven members,

According to the census dating back to 2011, the City of Rijeka had 3 local boards with 7 members (Drenova, Sveti Nikola and Zamet), 1 local boards with 6 members (Školjić) and 30 local committees with 5 members.

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