The City Council has approved the Decision on the territories, borders and seats of the local boards in the city of Rijeka (OJ of the Primorja – Gorski Koatr County No. 11/10, Official Journal of the City of Rijeka 9/18) for all 34 local boards which determines the boundaries of the local boards, their territories and their respective seats.

  • the territory of the local board is a complete spatial unit in the city territory with the established borders and belonging streets and house numbers
  • local board councils operate and act in the seats of local boards
  • all 34 local boards have their own seats
  • the buildings and premises that host the seats of the local boards are either owned by the City of Rijeka or are rented (Gornji Zamet and Srdoči)
  • the buildings and premises are managed by the City Department of Property Management and the City Department of Local Self-Government and Administration
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