The Department of Local Self-Government and Administration, Local Self-Government Division is responsible for the activity and operation of the local board councils. address Trpimirova 2 / IV. The local board councils have staff for local self-government – local board secretaries (employees of the City of Rijeka) who work in the seats of the local boards from Monday to Friday according to normal working hours from 8:00 to 16:00 : 00.

The meetings of the local board councils are held as a rule on a monthly basis. At meetings, the Council adopts conclusions on the basis of which it operates and implements activities aimed at solving citizens’ demands, resolving certain issues and problems most often related to the construction or renewal of utility infrastructure and resolving municipal disorder. The conclusions also serve to take decisions and express opinions of the Council relating to the adoption and implementation of the activity programme, the financial plan, amendments to the financial plan, as well as numerous activities relating to the implementation of the council programme activities. The local board councils have multiple communication:

  • directly and primarily with citizens
  • authorized persons, tenants’ representatives
  • associations
  • utility companies
  • public institutions
  • economic sector
  • city administration departments
  • local self-government committee
  • Mayor
  • City Council

Decision-making by local board councils

Independently, in accordance with Law, the Statute and decisions taken by the City Council, local board councils shall:

  • adopt their activity programmes and activity reports
  • adopt their financial plans and annual calculation relating to the implementation of the financial plans
  • adopt the plan of small municipal interventions and establish priorities in their realisation
  • adopt the regulations and rules of procedure of the local board, the regulation for rewarding natural persons and legal entities for their assistance and contribution to programme realisation and local board development
  • elect and discharge the president of the local board council from his duty
  • decide on the use of funds provided in the budget of the City of Rijeka for single scopes, in accordance with the general acts of the City Council
  • convoke local citizen assemblies
  • cooperate with other local boards in the territory of the city of Rijeka
  • set up their working bodies (sub-boards) and elect and release their members
  • cooperate with the departments of city administration and its utility services and companies
  • cooperate with associations, institutions, the public and economy sectors, and natural persons when implementing activities in their territories relating to issues in the interest of citizens living in the local board territory
  • propose development programmes for their territories in accordance with the plans of the City of Rijeka
  • monitor the conditions of utility infrastructure and accordingly establish the citizens’ needs with the aim of improving residence quality, territory planning, and carrying out utility and other local infrastructure service activities
  • establish the citizens’ needs in the field of culture, sports, technical culture, environmental protection as well as within the scope of care for children and elderly people and public health

Local board councils provide their opinion on

  • proposals relating to compilation and adoption of urban planning documents of the City of Rijeka
  • issues tied to residence quality improvement, environmental protection, a more efficient operation of utility services, traffic regulation, citizens’ safety…
  • drafts and bills relating to general acts adopted by the City Council, that directly influence the operation of local boards and local self-government on the whole
  • proposals relating to separation from the local board, integration of local boards, and changing the name of the local board
  • proposals relating to street names
  • extended hours requests presented by restaurants and bars operating in their respective territories
  • requests to use facilities owned by local self-government
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