The Committee for Interurban and International Cooperation considers issues falling within the scope of cooperation between the City of Rijeka and other local and regional self-government units as well as other states’ counterpart units, it prepares bills and provides its opinion on proposals presented by other proposers that relate to this scope and it also carries out other activities laid down by the Rules of Procedure and the acts adopted by the City Council.

The following members have been elected to the Committee for Interurban and International Cooperation:

  • Tea Mičić Badurina, president
  • Marinko Koljanin,  vice president
  • Igor Sušić, member
  • Nadja Poropat, member
  • Dejan Miculinić, member

Committee contacts:

Committee secretary
Maja Tatalović
Tel: 051 209 615

Administrative clerk responsible for preparing Committee sessions
Ines Pece
Tel:  051 209 541
Fax:  051 209 537

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