The main purpose of implementing this project is to allow children with neurodevelopmental disorders and high neurological risk who are not included in institutional welfare, to develop, to a maximum possible measure, their motor, intellectual and social skills so that they may grow as people who are satisfied with themselves, who feel secure and are self-confident.

Occupational therapy programmes work in three main areas of everyday life (care of oneself, leisure time and productivity). Applying a physiotherapeutic approach, in children with neurodevelopmental disorders, with techniques and principles of neuro-developmental therapy, we want to reach their maximum potential, as a prerequisite for functionality.

The project includes direct therapeutic work with children, applying occupational and physiotherapeutic methods and techniques for an early intervention; work with parents through the implementation of the programme “Mother Child” that will enable parents to implement the processes learned in different life situations; providing support to parents in obtaining certain social rights and possibilities of successful integration into the regular system through the parents’ counselling and support to the child, parents and professionals in the field of pre-school and school education . The programme has been implemented since 2009.

The outpatient service operates within the health centre of the Primorje Gorski Kotar Region in the quarter of Zamet, at the address: Božo Vidas 16a, Rijeka.

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