The Festival of creativity and achievements of children with developmental difficulties and people with disabilities was organized for the first time in 2003 on the occasion of the European Year of People with Disabilities. Since then many small and big actors, singers, dancers and entertainers have shown their skills, in which they put their efforts during the year. With their performances they cheered many guests and audiences, whose number is growing year after year.

Every year again, participants show their abilities and all that they can achieve if we give them opportunity. At the same time, the Festival offers them new knowledge, it encourages them, breaks prejudices, in a hall, full of people, their fears and delusions disappear. The Festival of creativity and achievements gets better and bigger every year, it includes over four hundred participants and the desire of all who are involved in its realization is to continue it in this way for many years to come because there will always be young quality and creative people who wish and know how to show their efforts.

The festival was launched at the initiative of the “Healthy City” project office and Irena Deže-Starčević within an interest group of citizens in order to support people with disabilities.

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