In 2005, in our county, the association “Pegaz” was the first association to start a therapeutic riding programme. The City of Rijeka ceded, free of charge, the premises located in the zone of Orehovica sized 15,000 square metres equipped as an outdoor equestrian arena.

Around the world, therapeutic riding has been implemented for about 30 years as a rehabilitation method for handicapped people. It helps improve the beneficiarys’ general condition, like, for instance, in normalisation of muscle tone, it helps reduce pathological conditions and muscle spasms, it helps them to control their posture and balance, improving their cognitive abilities. Valuable results are achieved within the therapeutic riding programme dedicated to children, because of the relationship between children and the horse, as another living creature and the emotional component of the programme.

.Additional information about the programme is available on the website of the  therapeutic riding association “Pegaz” Rijeka

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