The project titled “My Special Friend” is dedicated to children and primary school teachers, with the aim of supporting and encouraging educational integration of children with developmental disabilities, providing assistance and knowledge to those whose attitudes are the main prerequisite for successful integration. Through the educational and experience-based materials children are educated, they are given an opportunity to get into the functioning of children with developmental disabilities. In this way, the development of their empathy is encouraged, whereby contributing to the formation of positive attitudes towards people with special needs.

A special cycle of workshops has been designed for teachers and young trainers (pupils interested in transferring their knowledge about children with developmental disabilities to other pupils). The workshops seek to provide teachers with necessary knowledge on how they can further improve their attitudes and accept children with developmental disabilities in their schools, while trying to educate future trainers about skills of holding workshops, so that at the end of trainer courses they may become facilitators when holding workshops titled “My Special Friend”. The project has been implemented since 2006.

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