The project relating to the development advisory centre “Korak naprijed/A step forward” is dedicated to children with developmental disabilities who, after an early intervention, have been integrated in kindergartens and regular schools, as well as to their parents. Within the project children and parents have more opportunities to spend free time in a quality manner, to progress, through creative workshops, dance and movement therapies, consultative work with families and educational conferences aimed at encouraging families.

The aim of the project is to encourage and support child development and encourage and strengthen the potentials and resources that the family has in order to enable family members to successfully tackle daily difficulties through psychosocial care, support and education of the family with a child with developmental disabilities. By implementing this project we try to increase the closeness and emotional connection of family members, improve communication and interaction skills, thus creating a more relaxed and safe atmosphere for families.

The development advisory center, in a narrower sense, provides advisory services in terms of development to users, families with children with developmental disabilities and preschool children at risk, which relate to an assessment of development risks, a psychological assessment and advice that include activities proposed in order to encourage child development.

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