The project aims to improve the health status of people with disabilities, develop their motor and functional skills and social integration. Hydrokinesitherapy has a preventive role on the possible appearance of new lesions in children with developmental disabilities and people with disabilities, aiming to mitigate the consequences caused by disability and chronic diseases.

During the winter months the programme is held at the Kantrida swimming pool complex, while during summer on Kostanj beach for people with disabilities.

The concept of work is based on three fundamental levels. Each level contains certain exercises, games and tasks that every swimmer performs assisted by his instructor. We start from the simplest tasks to the most difficult ones, to implement this during the adaptation to a new situation and overcoming fear. Parents of children with developmental disabilities are also included in this program, so that they can also acquire sufficient knowledge and skills for independent work with children. Students, future physiotherapists, also take part in the project as volunteers.

The programme, with professional assistance provided, has been held since 2006.

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