Certain social services provided to citizens by professionals and lay support are made available owing to the annual competition intended to finance projects and programmes in the field of health care and social welfare.

Psychosocial support

Psychosocial support implies rehabilitation that encourages the development of cognitive, functional, communication or social abilities among the population of users. It is provided to children with developmental disabilities, to disabled adults, addicts, victims of domestic violence and other persons, as necessary.

Consultation and assistance

Professional assistance to an individual and/or a family in order to overcome difficulties and create conditions for keeping and developing personal possibilities and a responsible behaviour of an individual towards oneself, one’s own family and society, namely in order to improve family relations and make a family capable of adequate everyday functioning.

Early intervention

Professional incentivising assistance to children up to the completion of 3 years, at most up to the age of 7, where aberration in development has been established, or developmental risk, developmental difficulties, and professional and advisory assistance to their family members.


Providing full-day and half-day sojourn programmes, during which beneficiaries can meet their living needs, they are provided with meal services, and have a possibility to keep personal hygiene, health care, maintenance, education, care, work activities, psychosocial rehabilitation, organise their free time, organise transport services, depending on the established priorities of the beneficiary and his/her choice.


Temporary or long-term accommodation implies providing housing services, meals, care, health care, social work, psychosocial rehabilitation, physical therapy, work therapies, work activities, spending time in an active manner, education, depending on the established needs of the beneficiary and his/her choice.

Distribution of meals and clothes

Assistance at home

Transport of children with developmental disorders and disabled people


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