Socially disadvantaged citizens have a possibility to take municipal flats on lease and can be accommodated in the buildings destined as "emergency accommodation", with subsidised overhead costs.

Renting flats to socially disadvantaged citizens

The flats owned by the City of Rijeka are given on lease through the Priority list.

Citizen who face difficult situations in life and who have no other possibilities to solve their housing problems are entitled to the Priority List. Exceptionally, in specific cases, a municipal flat can bi give on  lease irrespective of the Priorty List.

Emergency accommodation of the City of Rijeka

There are 180 housing units categorised as emergency accommodation (one or more rooms/min. surface 16 sq.m., possibility to use water and a joint sanitary block) in buildings situated  in three locations  where 400 persons can be accommodated at the same time.

As a rule, emergency accommodation is assigned for a period of five years. The City of Rijeka provides funds necessary for the current maintenance of the buildings that serve for emergency accommodation.

This form of social welfare is intended to Rijeka citizens who have Croatian citizenship, foreigners, people without citizenship, asylum seekers, foreigners under subsidiary protection to whom international protection has been approved under a special regulation, on condition that they are beneficiaries of the minimum protected compensation provided by the Social Welfare Centre, and they have not rented a flat and they are not owners or co-owners of a flat / a house in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, and they do not use a flat owned by the City of Rijeka without valid legal grounds or they have not repurchased a flat with the right of occupancy and have not sold it to a third person.

The beneficiaries have a possibility to register their residence at the address of the housing unit they are situated in, and this step is necessary to realise numerous other state and municipal social rights.

The manner and conditions under which emergency accommodation facilities owned by the City of Rijeka are given on lease are laid down by the Decision on the granting of right to use emergency accommodation facilities (Official Gazette of the Primorje – Gorski Kotar County N. 10/2019).

Aid intended to the beneficiaries of emergency accommodation

On behalf of the beneficiaries of emergency accommodation, the City of Rijeka completely settles the services of  transporting household rubbish and utility rates  and water bills (up to 5 cubic metres for each household member) and discharging  wastewater, as well as 50% of rental costs. They are financially supported when settling  electricity bills and amounts depend on the number of household members.

Through e-Adviser, social programme of the City of Rijeka, citizens may get to know whether they can become beneficiaries of any type of assistance and how to apply.

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