The goal of introducing the Day of Gifted Students on 21 March, is to raise public awareness about the need to organize systematic care for these individuals within the education system of the Republic of Croatia. The European Talent Day was marked for the first time in 2011, while in Croatia in 2013, when Rijeka also joined the organisation of this manifestation.

In Rijeka the Day of Gifted Students is organised by the association “Talent Promotion Centre Rijeka”, the association of parents of gifted children “Lodur” and the City Department of Education and Schooling, in cooperation with kindergartens, schools and cultural institutions.

The programme organised to mark the Day of Gifted Students includes lectures, workshops, playrooms, presentations, professional gatherings at different locations in Rijeka. Activities are dedicated to educators, children, elementary and secondary school pupils, students, parents, young people and all the interested parties.

Additional information is available on the website of the  Talent Promotion Centre.


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