The Olympic Festival of Kindergartens of the Republic of Croatia has been held since 2001 under the motto “I too will be an Olympian”, wishing to teach children about the basic values of Olympism – respect, excellence and friendship. The same as during the Olympic Games, during the “Little” Olympics the solemn parade of the teams takes place, the Olympic flag is raised and the Olympic torch is lit.

Every kindergarten in Croatia that adheres to the general terms and conditions of the competition has the right to take part in the Olympic Festival of Kindergartens of Croatia and this means that the competition can be organized with the participation of at least 4 kindergartens or with a maximum number of 12 kindergartens at regional, city or municipal level.

In Rijeka, the Olympic Festival of Kindergartens is held at city level, at Kantrida stadium, where every registered kindergarten takes part in futsal and athletic competitions.

The Olympic Festival of Kindergartens in Rijeka is organised by the Rijeka Sports Association and the entity “Dječji vrtić Rijeka” under the auspices of the City of Rijeka.

Further information is available on the website of the Croatian Olympic Committee.


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