Since 2005, the City of Rijeka, in cooperation with the association DELTA from Rijeka, has been implementing the project titled  “I THINK GLOBALLY, I ACT LOCALLY – ACTION DAY” which in 2015 was renamed in the project titled THE INITIATIVE THAT DESERVES AN EXCELLENT MARK!

The goal of this project is to provide a possibility to young people aged between 14 and 19 to develop the abilities necessary for active participation in decision-making processes at local level.

Within the project high school students, with support from their trainers and volunteers of the association DELTA and employees of the City of Rijeka for one whole day devise projects addressing a certain given topic.

Upon completion of project proposals, they are presented, where students develop presentation and lobbying skills. After the project presentation and discussion, students choose the best project, which is implemented by the prizewinning student group with financial support from the City of Rijeka and technical support from the association DELTA.

The projects chosen in previous years were very successful, within this initiative, high school groups addressed a number of given interesting and actual topics, for example “Volunteering”; “Young People Help Older People”, “Spending Free Time in a Creative Manner”, “The Identity of Young People”, “Social Innovations”, “Youth Skills Development”…).

At first, this initiative was implemented in cooperation with the association GONG from Zagreb and after several years it was taken over by the association DELTA from Rijeka which successfully cooperates with the association GONG from Zagreb, and has developed long-term, successful cooperation with the City of Rijeka.

In 2022, the project titled “Action Day”, promoted by the Delta Association was given a positive expert opinion by the Education Agency – the Quality Assurance System – SKOKKANO Programme, whereby confirming the long-term quality of this project.


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