The celebration of the manifestation “Thanksgiving day for the fruits of the land” contributes to a more complete education about environmental protect, the knowledge and conservation of biodiversity in Croatia, the raising of awareness on ecological agriculture and healthy eating and is based on the development of positive attitudes and the creation of a correct emotional relationship between the child (pupil) and nature.

The manifestation “Thanksgiving days for the fruits of the land – Bread Day” is held every year in October in kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools, school dormitories, educational institutions for children with developmental disabilities and branch offices of the association “Lijepa naša”.

A revue of student achievements dedicated to the land and fruits of the land is traditionally held in Rijeka.

This manifestation is organized by the association “Lijepa naša”, the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports and the Education Agency. In Rijeka this manifestation is organized by the Primorje – Gorski Kotar Coubnty, in cooperation  with the association “Naša djeca” Rijeka and the Department of Education and Schooling.

Further information about the manifestation “Bread Days – Thanksgiving days for the fruits of the land” is available on the website of the association “Lijepa naša”.

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