“Rijeka of Psychology” is implemented within the Psychology Week that is marked at national level, with the aim of showing wide and various opportunities, whereby psychologists may contributed to life quality improvement of individuals and the community. The goal of “Rijeka of Psychology” is to popularise psychology and promote its position in society by organising popular lectures, workshops, promotions, debates, forums, exhibitions and science cafes in various premises in the territory of the city of Rijeka and its surroundings.

The programme includes various themes, and activities are dedicated to citizens of all generations. Year after year, the activities of this manifestation are growing and it is visited by more and more people, so that we can conclude that the citizens of Rijeka are much interested in psychology. “Rijeka of Psychology” is organised by the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka, in co-operation with numerous partners, and the manifestation is sponsored, among others, by the City of Rijeka.

“Rijeka of Psychology” has received many professional recognitions and awards, as well as a prize by the state for science, and it also has a humanitarian character. Namely since 2012, by selling promotional materials on stalls run by the “Rijeka of psychology“ manifestation, funds have been raised to:

  • Equip the Child and Adolescent Department of the Psychiatric Hospital Lopača (2012)
  • The Department of Neurocognitive Rehabilitation of the Psychiatric Hospital Rab (2013)
  • Purchase specialized educational toys for sensory motor therapy of children with motor impairments at the entity “Dječji vrtić” Rijeka (Rijeka Kindergartens)(2014)
  • Purchase equipment for the Rehabilitation Centre Fortica, Kraljevica (2015)
  • Purchase software equipment that will facilitate children’s and their rehabilitators’ daily activities at the Education Centre Rijeka (2016)
  • Equip the office of professional practice dedicated to pupils with developmental impairments at the School of Economics Mijo Mirković Rijeka (2017)

Further information is available on the website of Rijeka of psychology.


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