The Science Festival is an event that aims to bringing science closer to the public, that is to inform the public about the activities and results in the field of science, improve the public perception of scientists and motivate young people to research and acquire new knowledge.

With numerous attractive programmes covering selected topics (popular lectures, workshops for primary and secondary schools, scientific cafés, forums, exhibitions, performances) the festival endeavors to present science in a popular, cheerful and understandable way to all.

Since its foundation in 2001, the Science Festival has grown into a respectable event that stands out owing to specific themes and the variety of locations where the programmes take place. The festival in Rijeka distinguishes itself from other festivals in the country for a large number of programmes in which Rijeka pupils and their teachers may take part. Its special contribution is in the fact that it encourages active learning and promotes, in a popular way, natural sciences among children and young people. We are proud of the fact that the Rijeka edition of the festival contributes, to a large degree, to the creation of a knowledge society in Rijeka.

The Science Festival in Rijeka is organized by the association “Zlatni rez” in cooperation with a number of partners, with support from the City of Rijeka. Further information is available on the website of the Science Festival.

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