Since 2010, the City of Rijeka has been co-financing the general/family medicine office in Orehovica. This office had to close its doors after the retirement of the doctor who used to work there, since in Rijeka there were and still there are too many general/family medicine teams in regard to the number of teams determined by the Public Health Service Network.

Currently, the office takes care of 1,028 insured persons. Since the minimum number of insured people per one team of general / family medicine is 1250, the office cannot earn sufficient money to cover its operating expenses. In order to enable its further operation, without compromising the principles of comprehensiveness, continuity, availability and integral approach prescribed by the Health Care Act and not to weaken health care standards of citizens from the territory of Orehovica, the City of Rijeka subsidizes the general / family medicine office in Orehovica.

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