Hospice “Marija K. Kozulić” , a unique institute for palliative care in our country, has been set up by Caritas of the Archdiocese of Rijeka. It is located at the address Tiziano street No 15 in Belvedere. The hospice offers the best conditions to patients where they can live their last days in a dignified manner, surrounded by love, attention and professional staff. Complete hospice care includes relieving physical pain and treating other accompanying health problems and providing psychic, social and spiritual aid to the ill person and his/her family.

The premises of 1,200 square meters in Belvedere include an inpatient unit with a capacity of 14 beds with all the accompanying equipment, rooms for the mobile palliative care teams and rooms for patients’ family members and a part for the educational activity and volunteers.

Admission criteria include social and health factors to enable the most needy to live the last days of their lives in a dignified manner.

The initiative to set up the hospice was proposed by the Archdiocese of Rijeka, the Primorje – Gorski Kotar County and the City of Rijeka, and they also financed the refurbishment of the building and premises equipment.

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