Chronic degenerative diseases are among the most common diseases of today’s population in the world. Among these diseases, the most common are osteoporosis and diabetes, and the consequences of these diseases are high disability and mortality. It has been proven that movement, exercise and physical activity, on the whole, are very important in preventing the onset, but also the worsening or progression of these diseases. For this purpose, the Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka, with the support of the City of Rijeka, organizes exercises under professional guidance for women over 50 who suffer from osteoporosis, osteopenia or diabetes at the local boards Bulevard, Podvežica, Sveti Nikola and Kantrida.

The basic project activities include the compilation of a questionnaire on nutrition and life quality, anthropometric measurements, determination of blood sugar and vitamin D, bone density, blood pressure measurement, wrist meter testing, exercises. Women train in an organized manner under the professional guidance of a therapist in the premises of certain local boards (heating and cooling, aerobic training, weight training and a brisk walk).

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