The programme is aimed at reducing marginalisation and social exclusion of drug addicts and other groups of risky behaviour. It seeks to reduce health and social consequences of drug use, improve the motivation of intravenous drug users and build confidence in terms of using health and social services provided by institutions in Rijeka, through field work include as many drug addicts as possible and include them in the programme, reduce risk and incidence of HIV, hepatitis B and C and other blood-borne and sexually transmitted infections, offer new contents in order to encourage and widen users’ interests, provide assistance to users while seeking to find a job and give them an opportunity to maintain personal hygiene and prepare food.

The following are the basic activities: changing needles, eliminating abandoned syringes and needles in public areas, distributing condoms, educational and information leaflets and brochures, education and socialization, introducing existing institutional forms of assistance and consultation to users, assistance in finding a job, computer literacy, allowing homeless addicts to maintain personal hygiene and use showers, washing machines and dryers.

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