The course is dedicated to future mothers and their partners. The programme is implemented by visiting pediatric nurses in cooperation with a gynecologist and obstetrics specialist and a physiotherapist. The course includes lessons, exercises and demonstrations.

The main topics covered by the course are: a healthy and successful pregnancy; identifying a high risk pregnancy and childbirth physiology; changes during a normal pregnancy and basic knowledge about breastfeeding; exercises during pregnancy, during childbirth and after delivery, a happy and healthy pregnant woman; child – a new family member; baby care.

In our work, we use a doll that’s the size of a newborn and complete accessories necessary for child daily care. The main objectives of the project are to reduce anxiety, correct confusions and reduce fear by making available the facts about pregnancy and childbirth.

The course takes place throughout the year, except July and August, once a month for a total of 18 hours, in the pediatric health service at the address Ivo Marinković 11 / II.

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