It has been estimated that about 150 thousand people in Croatia suffer from chronic kidney disease and are at risk of its worsening. If not discovered, risk factors for the development of renal disease cause a progressive loss of renal function, while in the final phase they lead to dialysis therapy or kidney transplantation (annually about 500 new patients). Unfortunately, many ill people die before, more often due to numerous complications that accompany kidney disease, most often such illnesses are associated with cardiovascular diseases.

When discovering the disease in an early stage, an adequate and timely treatment, which, among others, includes, reducing high blood pressure, regulating blood sugar, treating anemia and mineral metabolism disorders, results in an increased life quality of patients and savings for the health system. The main causes of kidney disease are diabetes and arterial hypertension. Further to hypertension, anemia of kidney disease is one of the major signs of chronic kidney disease.

The association informs and educates citizens through published, multimedia and other contents, on a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention, and it publishes the magazine “Nefros”. Significant dates are specially celebrated: the World Kidney Day, the World Organ Donation Day, the World Kidney Transplant Day, and the celebration of the anniversary of joining “Eurotransplant”.

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