Proper infant nutrition is a basic requirement for normal growth and development, prevention of acute and chronic illnesses and deficit conditions. Breastfeeding is the ideal way to feed infants. Various forms of intolerance to cow’s milk proteins are increasingly present in infants.

The main activity of the Infant feeding counselling is to provide individual information on health – education through direct and telephone contacts that include the promotion of natural nutrition, warning of risky breastfeeding periods, advice to breastfeeding women about their nutrition, finding and overcoming possible breastfeeding obstacles, tips for breastfeeding women concerning milk quantity and quality.

Moreover, if the paediatrician recommends weaning or adapted milk, parents can obtain information on the benefits of adapted milk, advice on its use and on the introduction and preparation of new food at the counselling centre. Furthermore, a detailed anamnesis identifies irregular nutrition and parents are provided information on a possible damage of such diet to the child’s health in the future. The activities of the counselling centre include the purchase and distribution of baby food for socially disadvantaged infants and those who run health risks, so that they are under the care of the paediatric service operating within the Health Centre of the PGŽ County.

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