“Gluten-free, please” is a programme in which industrial food products are regularly tested at the Educational Public Health Institute of the PGŽ County, with the aim of creating a secure database that would facilitate the daily life of people with celiac disease owing to safe products screening. Moreover, a culinary school is organised placing an emphasis on gluten-free foods as well as various educational conferences.

The City of Rijeka has subsidised the publication of the second title of the educational series on the theme of celiac disease and gluten-free diet “Teenager Lana – gluten-free growth”, by author Marina Milinović. The main character of the book is teenager Lana who suffers from celiac disease and is obliged to follow a gluten-free diet all her life to preserve her health, with help from her family and friends. This illustrated book suitable for preschool and school age in an interesting and fun way shows how to adapt to life without gluten.

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