Since 1995, the Clinical Hospital Centre Rijeka, Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic, has been continuously organizing courses for pregnant women in order to prepare them psychically and physically for childbirth.

The course aims to inform future mothers (and their partners) about delivery and the methods that can contribute to a lighter and faster delivery. The course includes theoretical lectures and exercises for a total of 24 hours over nine days. The topics of the lectures and exercises are: pregnancy and childbirth, eating during pregnancy, physical activity and exercises during pregnancy, preparation for delivery, the four stages of labour, alternative delivery methods, breathing exercises and physical exercises, psychological and emotional aspects of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting, the protection of maternity in accordance with law, the psychomotor development of the infant, the new-born and breastfeeding, visiting paediatric nurse – the role and tasks in the protection of pregnant women, women in postnatal period and newborns, practical instructions for the natural feeding of new-borns – breastfeeding and visits to the obstetrics clinic.

The course is organised throughout the year, once a month, except during summer months, in the premises of the clinic. Various professional profiles (doctors, nurses, psychologists and legal professionals) take part in its implementation.

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