By implementing the Decision on Community Order, community wardens supervise the maintenance of cleanness, the protection and use of public areas, community waste collection, transport and treatment, settlement development and removal of illegally installed objects.

Applications tied to community order can be presented:

  • by calling 0800–5100 free phone of Community wardens available 24 hours a day
  • by sending an e-mail massage to
  • via the web platform “The City Eye”,

available as:a free mobile app (can be downloaded on Android and iPhone)
web site

Applications can be submitted by filling out forms:

Examples of community disorders:

  • Inappropriately placed placards and air conditioners
  • Damages to property owned by the City of Rijeka
  • Leaving wrecked vehicles in public areas

By implementing the Decision on Community Order, Community wardens control:

  • management of quarters (external appearance of buildings, gardens, fences, maintenance of public lighting, urban equipment and custody of pets in the populated areas of the city of Rijeka),
  • maintenance of cleanness and protection of public areas (cleaning of public areas, disposal of construction materials and construction waste, display of used objects, agricultural products, flowers and other products, installation of devices or machines, repair of motor vehicles, installation of posters, advertising and promotional materials, leaving of wrecked and technically non-operating vehicles (not registered, protection of public green areas),
  • use of public areas (installation of terraces and kiosks, occupation of public areas for installing scaffolding and forming construction sites and ditches, temporary disposal of firewood, goods and other objects),
  • collection, removal and treatment of collected municipal waste (disposal of hazardous waste, construction materials, waste from slaughterhouses, butchers and fish markets, animal carcasses, batteries and car tires in waste containers),
  • removal of snow and ice from public transport areas,
  • removal of illegally placed objects (all objects illegally placed in public areas, e.g. a kiosk, mobile device, stand, trailer, boats, advertisement, bollards, flower boxes, building material, scaffoldings, firewood, technically non-operating vehicle).

The Decision on Community Order lays down the following fines that can be imposed to:

  • legal entity (HRK 2,000.00, HRK 5,000.00 and HRK 10,000.00),
  • responsible person with the legal entity (500.00 HRK, 1,000.00 HRK and 2,000.00 HRK),
  • natural person, a craftsman and a person carrying out other independent activities (1,000.00 HRK, 3,000.00 and 5,000.00 HRK),
  • natural person (500.00 HRK and 1.000.00 HRK).
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