In cooperation with numerous partners, the City of Rijeka has issued many education brochures dedicated to health and has published results of many research projects with the aim of improving the health of Rijeka citizens

In cooperation with professionals, the City of Rijeka prepares for citizens brochures and leaflets whereby attempting to encourage the youngest generation to behave in a healthy manner (e.g. proper nutrition, proper sun exposure) or to help parents when facing health problems or kid challenges (e.g. digestion problems, elevated body temperature).

For senior citizens leaflets are prepared in order to inform them on certain available health services.


Educational health materials:

  • Ambrosia
  • Anorexia and bulimia
  • Autism
  • Silent thyroiditis – thyroid disease
  • Brochure Eat like me
  • Be cool and stay healthy
  • Be cool and stay healthy 2
  • Central venous catheters
  • Epilepsy, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment,
  • Hemophilia – parents’ guide
  • Baby feeding calendar
  • My friend is ill – Malignant diseases in children
  • Stroke: symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis and treatment,
  • Multiple sclerosis – Symptoms, diagnosis, treatment
  • The best start for the youngest Rijeka citizens
  • Working from the heart
  • The sun – friend or foe
  • World Heart Day – Assess your risk
  • What is celiac disease?
  • What to do when the baby has a fever?
  • Does your child have diarrhea?
  • Exercising for healthy ageing
  • Protect your little sun from the sun
  • Rijeka(river) where older people also swim against the current / The strategy for healthy aging in Rijeka 2009 – 2013
  • Do we behave in a healthy way in Rijeka?
  • The mental health of Rijeka citizens
  • 50+ in Rijeka / Are we healthy ageing in Rijeka?
  • The health profile of the city of Rijeka



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