Project goal:

Equipping the Entrepreneurial Zone Bodulovo with basic and additional utility infrastructure.

Duration: October 2019 – April 2022

Competent body:

Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts through the invitation to tender “Infrastructure developing of entrepreneurial zones“, KK.

Entrepreneurial Zone BodulovoThe Development Project for the entrepreneurial zone Bodulovo is aimed at widening the support system to small and medium-sized enterprises in the City of Rijeka through the establishment of a functional and operational entrepreneurial zone Bodulovo, fully equipped with modern basic and additional joint infrastructure, which will help increase the competitiveness of existing SMEs, increase the number of start-ups, and increase the survival rate of SMEs, new investments and increase employment.

Key activities:

  • Equipping and / or construction of physical infrastructure 6,317.90 sq. m. of pavement surface, 2,097.45 sq. m. of walkway surface, 7,643 m of product pipelines (872 m of rainwater drainage, 686 m of faecal drainage, 496 m of water supply, 1,300 m of public lighting, 3,590 m of low and medium voltage grids, 690 m pipelines), a pumping station
  • 9 parcels of building land equipped with complete basic and additional infrastructure, parcels sized from 1.029 sq. m. to 8,558 sq. m., with a possible building surface from 712 sq. m. to 8,800 sq. m.
  • 8 entrepreneurs in the zone within two years, once the project implementation has been completed


  • Total project value: HRK 10,382,442.15
  • Co-financed under EU funds: HRK 5,710,343.18 (55 %)

Co-financed under the Programme:

Structural funds – European Regional Development Fund – Operational programme “Competitiveness and cohesion”

For more information, please contact:

Dario Dobrilović
Department of Entrepreneurship
Trg svete Barbare 2, Rijeka
Tel: 051 209 214

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