Project goal: Recommend families energy savings at home, have influence on their energy consumption behaviour, as well as decisions to buy more energy efficient home appliances.


Families Intelligent Energy Saving Targeted Action (FIESTA)

Duration: October 2014 – September 2017

Key activities:
The focus is on the activities and products that provide significant savings potentials (cooling and heating), including mediators such as retailers, installers, and a number of organisations (dealing with environmental protection, customer protection and professional associations) in order to initiate concrete activities in households aiming to achieve significant effects in terms of energy savings, reduction in CO2 emissions, investment in the heating and cooling systems:

  • setting up 14 FIESTA energy help desks in cities partners
  • training of 28 FIESTA advisers who will advise families on the implementation of energy efficiency measures
  • support to FIESTA energy help desk activity
    – performing 2,100 home energy audits (150 energy audits per city partner)
    – organising workshops for target groups and key stakeholders
    – organising FIESTA energy lotteries


  • AREA Science Park – Technical partner and Project Coordinator, Italy
  • Municipality of Trieste, Italy
  • Municipality of Ravenna, Italy
  • Municipality of Forlì, Italy
  •  CIRCE – Centre of Research for Energy Resources and Consumption – Technical partner, Spain
  • Municipality of Zaragoza, Spain
  • Municipality of Pamplona, Spain
  • Municipality of Logroño, Spain
  • Regional energy agency Kvarner – Technical partner, Croatia
  • Kvarner Croatoa
  • Municipality of Pula, Croatia
  • Municipality of Rijeka, Croatia
  • Municipality of Zadar, Croatia
  • REAP – Regional Energy Agency of Pazardjik – Technical partner, Bulgaria
  • Municipality of Burgas, Bulgaria
  • Municipality of Pazardzhik, Bulgaria
  • Municipality of Vratsa, Bulgaria
  • Stratagem Energy Consulting Ltd. – Technical partner, Cyprus
  • Municipality of Limassol, Cyprus
  • Municipality of Larnaca, Cyprus

Overall project budget: EUR 2,379,827.00
EU funding: EUR 1,784,870.25

Financed under: Intelligent Energy Europe Programme (IEE)

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