Project Title:

Password Printmaking: Travelling exhibition and art residencies

Password Printmaking Travelling exhibition and art residencies

Project goal:

Password Printmaking is an international inter-institutional programme aimed at directing attention to the importance of the graphic art as an artistic discipline.

Duration: May 2012. – April 2014.

Key activities:

The project joins the organisation of a travelling exhibition and artistic residencies; all partners have organised creative workshops and public lectures on graphic arts in their respective cities. The key project activity was a big international exhibition, during which a modern graphic production of the six partner countries taking part in the project was presented.


Total project budget: EUR 273.000,00
EU funding: EUR 131.000,00
Project value relating to the MMCA: EUR 40.000,00
Participation of the City of Rijeka: HRK 90.000,00

Funded under: Culture Programme

More about the project:

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka

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