Project Title

Support – strengthening organisational capacity to provide professional and volunteering psychosocial support in crisis situations

Project goal

Strengthening the capacity of local civil society organisations through the education of volunteers and the provision of psychosocial support services


1 May 2022 – 31 October 2023


Strengthening the capacity of CSOs in the local community will increase the availability of psychological and social services to people at risk and will create additional value of the project by educating and involving volunteers in the implementation of activities.

Main project activities

  1. Devising and implementing training and other forms of strengthening and improving the capacity of employees and / or volunteers of civil society organizations for direct work in the field of employment, social inclusion and education, including business adaptation with the use of information and communication technologies:
  • Education of volunteers
  • development of a volunteering programme
  1. Devising, preparing and implementing online programmes and workshops, providing psychological assistance and counselling to persons who have suffered trauma, stress or loss due to a crisis situation:
  • Crisis free phone service from 18-20 from Monday to Friday
  • Psychological online counselling
  • Supervision meetings with volunteers
  1. Strengthening the capacity of CSOs and providing an effective response to the needs of the local community, especially in crisis situations (mapping the needs and services of the local community for crisis management):
  • Mapping of needs, stakeholders and services in the area of the Rijeka Urban Agglomeration for adequate responses to the challenges of crisis situations for the mental health of citizens
  • Developed a map of needs, stakeholders and services from the system of formal and informal care
  • Written and published online database with obtained information relevant to the general public on the websites of all involved organisations

Expected output

Number of associations involved in capacity building activities: 2


  • Terra Rijeka Association, project promotor
  • City of Rijeka
  • Association for the Homeless and Socially Vulnerable “Oaza”, Rijeka


Total project value: HRK 497,587.19 (100% EU funding)

Financed under

European Structural and Investment Funds – European Social Fund – Operational Program Efficient Human Resources 2014-2020 and the Office for Non-Governmental Organisations of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, through the public call “Strengthening the capacity of civil society organisations to respond to the needs of the local community”

Contact for more information

Terra Association
tel. 051 337-400

City of Rijeka
Department of Health and Social Welfare
tel. 051 209-626

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