Project Title:

TEFCE – Towards a European Framework for Community Engagement in Higher Education

Thematic area:

Social engagement of higher education institutions

Project Goal:

is to contribute to increasing the involvement of European universities in addressing societal challenges at local and regional level.

Specific objective of the project

Developing innovative and feasible policy instruments at universities and at European level to support, monitor and evaluate the engagement of universities in the community.

Project Duration: 1 January 2018 – 30 June 2021

Project Description:

The TEFCE project will directly contribute to the new EU program by proposing a framework for a common European approach to foster the civilian mission of high education institutions.

Key project results:

  • Created innovative and user-friendly tools for higher education institutions on social engagement in the community
  • The relevance and quality of the tools will be tested and confirmed through piloting by higher education institutions and experts
  • Recommendations made on innovative solutions for policy makers and stakeholders at European level to monitor, measure and encourage the involvement of higher education institutions in the community
  • Ensuring support from key stakeholders at European level as a basis for influencing European policy and project sustainability
  • Increased awareness of key stakeholders at European level about the importance of community involvement in higher education and the goals and results of the project


Project leader: Institute for the Development of Education, Technical University of Dresden

Project consortium:

Technical University of Dresden / City of Dresden / University of Twente – Center for Higher Education Policy Studies / Twente Knowledge Centre, Region of Twente / Institute of Technology, Dublin / Dublin City Council / University of Rijeka / City of Rijeka / Ghent University / Catalan Association of Public Universities / Institute for Public Policy and Management / European Consortium of Innovative Universities / Institute for the Development of Education

Project value: € 665,735.00

Financed under:

Erasmus +, Key Activity 3: European projects for future cooperation in the field of education and training

Competent authority: European Commission

Official website:

Contact person for more information:
Thomas Farnell
Higher Education Policy Specialist

Lucija Kero
Department of Education and Schooling of the City of Rijeka
Tel. 051 209 950

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