Project Title

Sexual violence – educational and preventive program 2 – Junior

Project goal

Prevention of sexual violence against children.


1 February 2021 – 31 January 2023


Children are the most vulnerable group suffering from the systematic absence of prevention programmes in elementars schools or specialised education for professionals. In 2020, “Education and Prevention of Sexual Violence Programme” of the Women’s Room became part of the National Action Plan for the Prevention of Violence in Secondary Schools. By developing a new high-quality prevention programme “SVEP 2-Junior” for elementary schools, capacities are being built and raised the awareness of professionals and parents, and direct support provided for people who were victims of sexual violence.

The specific objectives are:

  • increase the capacities of relevant stakeholders and experts in the field of prevention of sexual violence against children by increasing the level of knowledge and strengthening multisectoral cooperation
  • develop, pilot, implement and evaluate SNEP 2 – junior (sexual violence prevention programme for upper grades of elementary schools) and evaluate its impact
  • actively involve children in the prevention of sexual violence and sensitise and make the general public aware of the issue of sexual violence against children
  • provide specialised, accessible and high quality services to the people who were victims of sexual violence, with an emphasis on children aged 16 to 18 and their parents.


  • Women’s Room – Centre for Sexual Rights Zagreb (project leader)
  • Ombudsperson for Children of the Republic of Croatia
  • CESI – Centre for Education, Counseling and Research
  • Association of Juvenile Judges, Family Judges and Experts for Children and Juveniles
  • ES Dragutin Tadijanović, Petrinja
  • ES “Kantrida” Rijeka
  • ES Bedekovčina
  • ES “Slava Raskaj” Ozalj
  • ES “Antun Mihanovic” Slavonski Brod
  • ES Veruda Pula
  • ES Matka Laginje, Zagreb
  • Rape Crisis Network Ireland and Change Attitude (Sweden)


  • Total project value: EUR 472,090.42
  • Co-financed by EU funds: EUR 377,672.33

Financed under

Structural and Investment Funds – EU Programmes – Programme on Rights, Equality and Citizenship (2014-2020)

Official website

Contact for more information

ES Kantrida
Izviđačka 9, Rijeka
tel: +385 51 622 170

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