Project Goal: Active inclusion of young people with disabilities aged between 15 and 25 in cultural and artistic activities and informing and sensitising the general public about the possibilities and benefits of the inclusion of young people with disabilities in cultural activities and benefits of their personal development and social inclusion.

Project duration: February 2018 – August 2019


The Fifth Ensemble project encourages the inclusion of young people with developmental disorders and disabilities in the labour market through preparatory cultural and artistic activities that would result in gained skills, work habits and new knowledge needed for theatre work.

The project is tied to the implementation of the project “European Capital of Culture” that contributes to increased and active citizen participation in cultural activities, as one of its goals, with a particular emphasis on the inclusion of people with disabilities and other vulnerable social groups.

The project concept is tied the programme direction of the ECC 2020 the Port of Diversity that gives the right to all to personality, diversity and inclusion. The programme direction “Kitchen” deals with diversity, marginalised and excluded society members and those who are at risk of exclusion based on any ground (racial, sexual, age, economic, health condition or a disability etc. ) and its goal is to pursue inclusion of all who are excluded from culture, not only as an audience at cultural events, but also, as active creators of cultural programmes.

Project activities:

The project comprises six creative workshops: play and creativity, scenic movement, acting, scenic voice and speech, costume design and advertising design.

The main goal of creative workshops is to beat public performance anxiety and fear with the aim of strengthening self-confidence and realising their own potentials and moreover it permits the attendees to better get to know their own bodies and develop articulation and communication skills, develop creative potentials and identities and gain the skills necessary for creating future theatre productions.

A number of qualified professionals and workshop managers will take part in the realisation of activities, who will work with young people for years training them to take part in the preforming activities of theatre art.


  • City of Rijeka, project developer
  • Croatian National Theatre Ivan de Zajc, partner
  • Education Centre Rijeka, associate

Financed under: Structural Funds – European Social Fund – Operational Fund Efficient Human Resources 2014 – 2020

Competent Body: Within the Call titled “Art and Culture for Young People” advertised by the Ministry of Culture of the RC

Project value: Total project value amounts to HRK 797,785.15, a non-repayable grant, out of which the EU grant amounts to HRK 678,117.38.



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