The Croatian defenders of the Homeland War, their family members and war victims, on the basis of decisions brought in by the City of Rijeka can achieve many rights. On this occasion the City of Rijeka does not forget the victims and soldiers of the Second World War.

The defenders and victims of the Homeland War, as well as the soldiers of the Second World War enjoy special care in Rijeka provided by various associations and institutions. The City of Rijeka subsidises the activities of these associations, while respecting all the rights guaranteed by the Law that relate to this population, so that the City is actively involved in programmes like for instance those aimed at resolving housing problems of defenders or providing assistance during their children’s education.

Furthermore, Rijeka preserves permanent remembrance of the Homeland War and the Second World War as historical periods in which the foundations of antifascism were laid, on which also the free Croatian state was built.

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