The City of Rijeka, for many years already, has been financing programmes and projects of partner organisations (institutions and associations) in order to provide a higher level of social and health protection to Rijeka citizens.


Following the annual Invitation for the collection offers for projects/programmes in the field of health protection and social welfare, projects/programmes covering three main areas are co-financed:

• social activity,
• health protection;
• animal protection.

Advantage is given to projects/programmes that are aligned with the City of Rijeka Development Strategy for the period from 2014 to 2020.

The objective of the public invitation is to establish cooperation with the professional public and the civil sector in order to protect and improve citizens’ health and improve social protection of certain highly vulnerable groups of citizens (defenders and war victims, old people, children with developmental difficulties, people with disabilities, homeless people, victims of violence etc.).


The promoter of the chosen programmes and projects shall present financial and programme reports, in accordance with the contractually fixed pace.



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