Pets are animals kept by persons for company, protection or assistance or for interest in that animal. Living with pets in an urban centre is regulated by regulations.

The Decision on the conditions and manner of keeping pets, the manner of controlling their reproduction, the conditions and manner of keeping dogs on a leash, and the manner of treating abandoned and stray animals is the fundamental regulation in the territory of the city of Rijeka that regulates this subject matter.

The pet owner is responsible for its health and welfare and is therefore obliged to provide adequate food, space and hygiene and treat the pet in a proper manner.

The pets should not be exposed to adverse temperatures and unfavourable weather conditions, contrary to the generally accepted standards for single breeds, in a manner that causes pain, suffering, fear and injury to animals.

The movement of pets should not be limited in a manner that causes pain, suffering, injury or fear and it is forbidden to abandon the pet that is kept under control.

Furthermore, pets shall not be kept, treated and moved in a manner that jeopardises the health and safety of other animals and people, particularly children.

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