Poslovni sustavi L.td

Poslovni sustavi (2)

The municipal company Poslovni sustavi primarily provides strategic development and business support to utility companies Autotrolej, Rijeka plus, Energo and Čistoća.
Školjić 15, Rijeka

Member of the Management Board – Director: Silvija Lučić
T. +385 51 564 446
F. +385 51 564 446

Rijeka plus L.td

Rijeka plus mala (1)

Company Rijeka plus carries out activities tied to the organisation and collection of parking fees in the territory of the city of Rijeka, it provides the services of organising transport, renting buses, delivery vans, VIP vehicles or double-decker buses for excursions and arranged tours and it offers the services of public bike rentals on the Rijeka Pier. Rijeka plus carries furthermore the activities of removing irregularly parked motor vehicles by a special tow truck and by placing wheel clamps and it carries out the municipal activity of retail markets. Furthermore, Rijeka plus also carries out the activities relating to traffic management and road maintenance.

Director: Željko Smojver
Školjić 15, Rijeka
T. +385 51 445 353
F. +385 51 445 353

Rijeka sport L.td

Rijeka sport logo

“Rijeka sport”, a limited liability company in charge of management, maintenance and construction of sports and other facilities was established in 2007. The company is entirely owned by the City of Rijeka.
Director: Igor Butorac
Trg Viktora Bubnja 1, Rijeka
T. +385 51 406 444
F. +385 51 406 449

Autotrolej L.td

The municipal company “Autotrolej” Ltd. is in charge of passenger transport in the territory of Rijeka, and the towns of Bakar, Kastav, Kraljevica and Opatija as well as in the municipalities of Čavle, Jelenje, Klana, Kostrena, Viškovo, Matulji and Lovran. Among owners and founders, the City of Rijeka holds a 83.4% stake in equity.

Director: Robert Mrvčić, dipl.ing.
Školjić 15, Rijeka
T. +385 51 311 400
F. +385 51 330 330

Čistoća L.td

Cistoca LogoČistoća is a public utility company in charge of urban sanitation and waste management. The City of Rijeka holds a 81.23% stake in equity.
Director: Bojan Jurdana
Dolac 14, Rijeka
T. +385 51 353 409
T. 0800 99 99 00

Energo L.td

Energo logoCompany Energo d.o.o. is a company for production and distribution of thermal energy and gas in which the City of Rijeka holds a 91.8 % stake.
Director: Marko Križanec
Dolac 14, Rijeka
T. +385 51 353 006
T. 0800 353 040
F. +385 51 353 007

Kozala L.td

Kozala-logoMunicipal company Kozala owned by the City of Rijeka provides services of graveyard maintenance and care regarding graves, burial and stone masonry. The company provides services in the territory of the City of Rijeka which comprises 8 cemeteries: Kozala, Trsat, and Zamet, Central city cemetery Drenova, St. Kuzam, Draga, Gornja and Donja Drenova.

Director: Nives Torbarina
Braće Hlača 2a, Rijeka
T. +385 51 514 300
T. +385 51 208 740
F. +385 51 514 201

Vodovod i kanalizacija L.td


Public utility company “Vodovod i kanalizacija” Ltd. supplies and distributes potable water and provides services of drainage and cleansing of wastewater, drainage of atmospheric water as well as pumping and removal of sewage sludge from septic and holding tanks.

Tel. of the service on duty: 051 211 906 i 051 353 222
Director: Andrej Marochini
Dolac 14, Rijeka
T. +385 51 353 222

Kanal Ri

KanalRiKanal Ri (Channel RI) is a local commercial television which transmits its programme at regional level in the territory of the Primorje – Gorski Kotar County and partially in the Istrian County and in the County of Lika and Senj.

Director: Gordana Šimić Drenik
Trg Riječke rezolucije 3, Rijeka
T. +385 51 353 666
F. +385 51 353 620


Ekoplus L.td

Ekoplus logoActivities of the company “Ekoplus” are aimed at introducing a new waste management system in the territory of the Primorje – Gorski Kotar County. The founders of Ekoplus Rijeka are: the Primorje –  Gorski Kotar County, the City of Rijeka, the Minicipality of Viškovo, utility company Čistoća Rijeka.

President of the Management Board: Kristian Gašparini
Ciottina 17b, Rijeka
T. +385 51 325 200
F. +385 51 325 190

Riječka razvojna agencija Porin L.td

RRA_Porin 2015

Rijeka Development Agency Porin is engaged in the development of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial incubator system. The founder of the Agency is the City of Rijeka with 100% equity.

Director: Nenad Antolović
Milutina Barača 62, Rijeka
T. +385 51 634 331

Regionalna veletržnica Rijeka-Matulji PLC

rvmThe regional wholesale market Rijeka-Matulji is a modern market which sells fruit and vegetables according to European quality and sanitation standards. The wholesale market services are used by fruit and vegetables producers, producers’ associations, fruit and vegetables wholesalers, as well as fruit and vegetables stores, supermarkets, shopping centres, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, public institutions and citizens. The wholesale market is open to buyers every day, except on Sundays and holidays. Customers can enter the market premises by car where a sufficient number of parking places is provided.

Direktor: Vilim Sanković
Jušići 69c, Matulji
T. +385 51 277 258
T. +385 51 277 257
F. +385 51 277 258

Smart RI

Company Smart RI  for management and strategic development was set up in order to manage the Competence Centre for smart cities, namely to manage the innovation cluster with the aim of linking economic operators and research institutions as regards research and development projects in smart cities, whereby it contributes to resolving problems that the cities encounter (traffic, energetics, ecology and other smart specialisation fields).

Management Board members: Nenad Antolović
Trg Sv. Barbare 2, Rijeka
T. +385 99 536 1944

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