The new vision of the development of the city of Rijeka reads: Rijeka 2030 - a smart, open and resilient city.

At the beginning of the new decade, cities face unprecedented development and planning opportunities, but also hitherto unknown challenges. We live in a time when we cannot predict with certainty the technological possibilities, nor the climatic, demographic and health challenges that await us in 10 years. Everyone wants Rijeka to be a city that is ready, open, adaptable and resilient to the changes and challenges that await it.

In the transition from the industrial to the digital era, Rijeka has shown that it has the strength to be creative, that it can adapt and find a new intended use for its old premises, its innovation, creativity, multiculturalism and industrial tradition.

In the strategic planning process, the vision of Rijeka is being developed for the next 10 years as a basis for all other planning documents which are prepared in accordance with European and national guidelines.

The new vision of the city of Rijeka reads:

Rijeka 2030 – smart, open and resilient city

The basic principles of the City’s development form the basis of the new vision and represent the starting point of the city administration in its efforts to maintain the position of Rijeka as a smart city in the coming period and further strengthen it and at the same time, its development is based on openness to the community and the city’s resilience to climate, economic, demographic and other challenges that it will encounter in the next period.

Strategic goal 1. Living in Rijeka 2030: A city of diversity, in which a high quality of life arises from cooperation between smart city administration and engaged citizens
Specific goals 1.1. Education in the function of quality of life and strengthening the economy
1.2. A healthy, active and socially sensitive city attractive for living
1.3. The capital of culture after 2020
.4. Cooperation between smart administration and engaged residents (H)
Strategic goal 2. Working in Rijeka 2030: University city for a new age, where advanced technologies and creative industry enrich its industrial heritage
Specific goals 2.1. Competitive economy and the port in the period of new industries (H)
2.2. Innovative Rijeka: encouraging research and knowledge-based industries (H)
2.3. City of sustainable and innovative solutions in tourism (H)


Strategic goal 3. Connect Rijeka 2030: Multimodal transport hub with a sustainable and efficient transport system
Specific goals 3.1. Rijeka connected to the world and its surroundings
3.2. Clean, efficient and affordable public transport in the city (H)
3.3. Development of the urban transport system and mobility (H)
3.4. Development of ICT infrastructure in the city (H)


Strategic goal 4. Preserve Rijeka 2030: A smart, green and clean city adapted to the needs of all citizens
Specific goals 4.1.City offering smart and quality utility services (H)
4.2. Green city by the sea: space serving its citizens
4.3. A city of circular resource management, connected to the entire region

Further to these basic fields and goals, the horizontal goal “Smart Rijeka 2030: a regional hub for Southeast Europe for the development and implementation of smart solutions in city and urban infrastructure management” has been added, which will be achieved through activities and measures in all four thematic goals. implying a specific approach, based on technology and innovative solutions.

For all strategic goals, certain measures, activities, i.e. projects have been defined that need to be launched in order to achieve these goals.

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